Greenhouses let you grow your own food all year long

Let’s say you’ve been growing your own vegetables for several years and are wanting to start being able to grow your own food 12 months out of the year. You have some options. Some are relatively inexpensive, while others will require a sizable investment on your part. Let’s talk about some of your options.

In an article a few weeks ago, we talked about cold frames. These are small structures that enable you not only to extend the growing season in the fall but also allow you to start earlier in the spring. For more info, check that article. You can find it on the Tulsa World website, as well as our Master Gardener website (tulsamastergardeners.org).

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Next, you have a variety of options for growing vegetables and herbs indoors. After a quick search online, it looks like you can get small and simple hydroponic growing systems starting at around $100. Hydroponic growing systems use water as the delivery system for both water and nutrients. In these systems, the plants are typically placed in some sort of growing medium that allows the water to flow through it and back into the water reservoir. Nutrients are placed in the water, and a pump circulates the nutrient rich water on a variety of schedules. These entry level systems also come with a light source and timer allowing you to program the device to fit your growing schedule. These starter devices would be good for some herbs or perhaps greens.

From here, there are systems available known as hydroponic growing towers. These towers

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