The Kid Laroi leaves $2.5K tip after accidentally dining and dashing

The Kid Laroi is far from “Selfish.”

After the rapper was accused of leaving his waiter empty-handed after dining and dashing at a Missouri restaurant Tuesday, TMZ reported Thursday that his team reached out to the eatery to rectify the situation.

According to the outlet, the Aussie hitmaker’s security team was supposed to initially cover the tab after his meal at Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant, but somehow forgot to pay before leaving.

After Laroi’s team read the headlines about the dine-and-dash incident, they reportedly contacted the restaurant to cover the $133.58 bill.

Additionally, they also tipped their server, Monique, $2,500.

Dublin's Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant.
The Aussie rapper allegedly left his server with a triple-digit bill after ditching Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant.

laroi-dines-and-dashes-local-spot-tour-stop-missouri/”TMZ originally reported that the restaurant’s manager Autumn Gray said that the “Stay” rapper left his server with a triple-digit bill.

The 19-year-old rapper performed at the Great Southern Bank Arena earlier in the night before he headed to the eatery with a few of his pals.

Laroi was shown to his table in a private room as he posed for pictures with fans and was friendly to staff and fellow diners.

The Kid Laroi
Laroi’s team called the eatery to cover the bill and left a big tip for their server.
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The group soon ran up the bill, ordering two cheeseburgers, chicken wings, three orders of mac and cheese, a salad and two brownies, taking frequent smoke breaks outside throughout the evening.

The group, however, assured their server they weren’t leaving.

But soon after the server came back to clear some of their plates, they discovered that Laroi and his party had bolted from the place.

Gray acknowledged that it may have been an honest mistake by the rapper.

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