Best gifts for mom that aren’t a robe

Get creative with your mom’s gift this holiday season

On Christmas morning, millions of moms will be waking up to the gift of a robe. And, if this “Saturday Night Live” sketch is anything to go by, they might not be too pleased about it. That’s why you should be looking for gifts for your mom that aren’t a robe — and while you’re at it, buy her more than one thing. 

We put together this guide with gifts for all kinds of moms, from coffee machines to Kindles to LEGO sets. And, OK, some moms genuinely do have a robe on their Christmas list, but if that’s the gift you’re going to buy, you should make it a good one. Whatever your mom’s into, there’s the perfect gift out there for her.

Best mom clothes and fashion accessories

A. Putnam Washable Cashmere Sweater

A. Putnam, Washable Cashmere Sweater

This sweater is like wearing a hug.

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If your mom’s fashion choices are better than yours, she’ll love this cashmere-blend sweater. We tested it and found it’s like wearing a hug. It’s super-soft and is versatile enough for casual wear or with dressier outfits. It has a relaxed fit and a deep V-neck, which make it look trendy, but it still has enough timeless appeal that it won’t go out of style.

Fishers Finery Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Hat

Fishers Finery, Women’s 100% Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Hat

Soft and cozy, this beanie is perfect for topping off winter outfits.

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Winter is coming — or maybe it’s already in full swing where you live. And, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Moms get cold, too. This beanie is made from pure cashmere, so it’s a cut above your average wooly hat. It’s soft and so warm. It comes in 11

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