Ingenious indigenous plants for your garden or home

The clusters of blossoms from this tree are usually in glorious bloom in September (hence the name). It’s fairly fast growing and can tolerate some degree of cold and frost. Ideal for semi-shaded, small gardens.

Parsley Tree

It’s a medium, straggly shrub that’s perfect for those who enjoy a maintenance-free garden.


As part of the fynbos family, you’ll probably not be able to find a more uniquely South African plant for your garden. It needs coarse, gravelly and deep soil with full sun and a frost-free climate – i.e. ideal for those who live in the Western Cape.

Cape Chestnut

This fast growing indigenous tree can grow up to one metre in just a year! It also has the most fragrant pink flowers and aromatic leaves. Best suited for big gardens with plenty of sun – think: picnic under your Cape Chestnut tree!

Forest Bushwillow

It’s quick growing and reasonably resistant to cold. Best suited for shady gardens with a mild to warm climate.



 African Violet

If small pot plants with petite purple blossoms make your heart happy, then add an African Violet to your home immediately. It thrives well in moderate to bright indirect indoor light and, if cared for properly, it can bloom almost all year round.

Barberton Daisy

Named after the Mpumalanga town where it grows in abundance, this little plant – as an indoor plant – can bloom any time of the year. It’s also loves direct sunlight, so find a space on a bright window sill for it.

Areca Lutescens

This gorgeous tropical-looking palm tree is often referred to as a ‘Bamboo Palm’ for it’s reed-like stems. It flourishes in warm areas with direct sunlight. Plus, it can also transpire one litre water per 24 hours, making it an effective

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