How to rescue your garden after heavy winds and rain

But gardens are vulnerable to the full onslaught of the weather, and many gardeners will despair at the damage wrought to their precious and normally well-tended green spaces.

However, there are sensible measures you can take to protect and rescue your garden from storm damage, says Guy Barter, chief horticulturalist at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). He advises gardeners to…

Check for tree root disease

“Trees don’t last forever, and there’ll always be the odd tree coming down here and there,” he says. “Sometimes it’s associated with root disease, so it’s worth checking that the roots aren’t rotten and smell of fungus.”

If there is root disease, he advises gardeners to have the stump excavated, pointing out that if it’s a small tree, you can feasibly do it yourself, but he warns against planting another tree in the same spot.

Remember many trees will regrow

Although wind damage can make plants and trees look terrible, Barter stresses that many trees in particular will regrow.

“Sometimes they just snap off above ground level, but very often they’ll resprout,” he says. “For very big trees you’ll need the help of a tree surgeon, but you can often bring trees back to life. Even if they’re very, very broken indeed they can regrow, so don’t throw in the towel immediately.”

You can’t really tell whether a tree will regrow or not, he explains – although some types are more likely to be resurrected than others.

“Some trees can live over a hundred years, and during that time, they’re bound to encounter storms and accidents that destroy boughs, and they can usually recover quite well.”

Protect young plants and trees

Barter points out that young plants wave around in the wind, so this is the time of year when you have

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