‘This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen here’

One Redditor is sparking plenty of outrage after sharing how their neighbor found the worst possible way of managing their household trash.

“This is my neighbor’s garden,” the homeowner explained. “They refuse to clean it.”

The attached photo shows a yard surrounded by a high wooden fence. But the contents of that yard made it look more like a dumpster than a garden. It’s filled with piles of trash from wall to wall: fans, folding chairs, fast food wrappers, furniture, and bag after bag after black trash bag.

The infestation could affect all the surrounding houses.

Photo Credit: u/pigeonmanO_o / Reddit

“What’s worse is that they have two dogs who are always eating from that heap of trash,” the original poster added in a comment.

Viewers were appalled at the mess. “Holy mother of god, this is probably the worst thing I’ve seen here,” another added. Several other community members prompted the original poster to call code enforcement.

Aside from being an eyesore, a pile of trash like that one attracts pests like rodents, flies, and cockroaches. The infestation could affect all the surrounding houses.

Meanwhile, it’s also bad for the environment. Landfills are a terrible use of space and resources, but at least they’re designed to keep pollution in and minimize environmental impact, as National Geographic explains.

Buying lots of unnecessary items is a great way to burn through your budget, and it also creates garbage that has to be managed. Recycling or selling items second hand is usually the most eco-friendly option, but every year, ton after ton of trash is sent to landfills, taking up space and potentially polluting the environment as it breaks down.

An ordinary backyard simply doesn’t have the same careful design and durable lining, meaning that chemicals from any batteries, electronics, cleaning supplies, fuel, and synthetic materials

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