Greenhouse specializes in supplying lettuce to surrounding areas year-round

  • Video shows an inside look at Revol Greens’ 16-acre greenhouse in Tehachapi that grows all kinds of lettuce year-round
  • With the greenhouse method, Revol Greens is able to save significant amounts of water compared to traditional field-grown lettuce, averaging about one pint of water per package of lettuce


Have you ever wondered where your lettuce comes from? It might be closer than you think. A 16-acre greenhouse owned by Revol Greens grows all different types of lettuce, and, it’s right in your backyard.

Driving down Pellisier Road heading out to Stallion Springs, the large greenhouse may catch your attention.

Romaine, butter lettuce, and other greens are grown here.

“We grow lettuce and greens 365 days a year. We use a hydroponic growing method, which means our plants spend the majority of their time working their way across ponds,” said Revol Greens Director of Marketing, Jessica Dillon.

Dillon says within the facility, technology takes the lead during a lot of the process.

“For the most part, our process here is entirely automated, which means that there are no human hands that are touching our plants at any time during the growing process,” Dillon said. “That starts at the very beginning. We use a seeding machine that is all automated.”

By reusing the same 16 acres of greenhouse to plant and harvest lettuce year-round, Dillon says the environmental benefits are significant.

“That’s equivalent to almost 480 acres of field-grown lettuce. We use significantly less water than field-grown lettuce,” Dillon said. “We are on track this year to save over 300 million gallons of water at this facility alone.”

When you think of lettuce, you might not consider there is any type that is not plant-based. Dillon says it all comes down to what’s in the soil.

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