I’m an interior designer & there are five things I’d never use in my home…don’t get me started on gold, it’s so tacky

IF you’re looking to decorate your home or switch up your interior and don’t know where to start, then listen up.

An interior designer named Loren Kreiss has offered a helping hand…by revealing the five things he’d never use or do in his house.

Interior designer Loren Kreiss revealed five things he'd never use in his home


Interior designer Loren Kreiss revealed five things he’d never use in his homeCredit: Tiktok – @lorenkreiss
Loren warned that gold can look "gaudy and tacky"


Loren warned that gold can look “gaudy and tacky”Credit: Tiktok – @lorenkreiss

The first interior trend he takes issue with is “gold.”

“I can get behind matte brass, but shiny and bright gold feels gaudy and tacky,” he says, in a clip shared to TikTok.

Next up on Loren’s hit list is porcelain counter tops.

“They’ve chipped on every project I’ve used them on, and they tend to look fake and cheap,” he warns.

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Then there’s “water sucking grass lawns.”

“Over 40% of the earth’s population is living with drought,” he points out.

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“It’s time for us to be more responsible with our landscaping choices.”

Loren also takes issue with laminate floors – especially “anything millennial grey.”

“It’s giving depressing spec home,” he says.

The interior design whizz also avoids homeowners steer away from the idea of accent walls.

“I’ve never understood why someone wants to paint a single wall in their house a random colour,” he explains.

“It feels forced and out of place.

“Save the theatrics for your powder or laundry room and go with a nice neutral for the rest of your house.”

He concludes by asking: “Would you use any of these in your home?

“Let us know in the comments below!”

And Loren wasn’t short of answers, with the post garnering a whopping 63k

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