The best indoor flowering plants that need little or no sunlight

 Peace lily in dappled light

Peace lily in dappled light

Do you struggle to get flowering houseplants to bloom? It’s not the lack of a green thumb, but the shortage of light that’s likely the issue. Most plants need inordinate levels of light to bloom, however, there are some indoor flowering plants that need little or no sunlight.

Whether you live in a north-facing house with small windows, a shady basement apartment or your rooms are shrouded with trees outside, discover the flowering plants that will thrive in an indoor garden with low-light conditions.

‘The primary factor to consider when choosing a plant is light,’ says Lisa Eldred Steinkopf, the houseplant guru and author of Grow in the Dark by Cool Springs Press. ‘Quite often, high-light plants are purchased and placed in a low-light situation and vice versa.

‘It is not as difficult as you think to find a plant that will live in your light levels. The key is to do a little research before you purchase a plant.’

Indoor flowering plants that need little or no sunlight

‘It is important to know whether your windows face east, west, north, or south,’ continues Lisa. ‘Most homes and large apartments have windows facing multiple exposures. If, however, you live in a small apartment, you may have windows that face only one direction.’

‘If you find you do not have enough sunlight to sustain the plants you want to grow, you always have the choice to add supplemental light in the form of electric lights. LED lights are the newest lighting method used for plants; they are much more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights.’ Hydroponic gardening is also an option, and can be done inexpensively with just a bit of kit to get you started.

‘Alternatively, place mirrors across the room from your windows. It makes the

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