Warrington Borough Council’s application for the town centre land was approved by the development management committee at its meeting on Thursday.

Since New Town House has been demolished, the site is now vacant apart from some remaining trees and soft landscaping.

A small portion of it – at the southern and eastern boundaries – is located within the Buttermarket Street conservation area.

During the meeting, the committee was told that the purpose of the fencing is to ‘secure the site in the interim, until future development occurs’, and that the colour choice of green is ‘to be seen against the backdrop of the proposed grass finish’ to the site.

A report to the committee said: “The proposed development involves the construction of a paladin fence around the perimeter of the site following the demolition of New Town House this would replace the wooden hoarding erected during the demolition of the building and the current temporary heras style fencing.

“The fencing would be made from welded mesh finished in the colour green, with a maximum height of approximately 2.1m. Double gates of the same style and height would be erected to the existing vehicular entrance on Oxford Street.”

The report also stated that amended plans were negotiated and submitted by the applicant and have resulted changes to the original submission.

This has resulted in an amended layout plan setting back of corners of fencing in order to ‘increase pedestrian visibility’.

Officers said the principle of the development would be acceptable and that there would be ‘no unacceptable harm’ to visual and residential amenity, heritage assets, or to the local highway network.

The application was approved, subject to conditions, as recommended by officers.

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