Amber Hall, 42, purchased her first ever home in Centennial, Colorado, US. She had been looking forward to moving in with her children – but soon found ten huge snakes in the walls

Homebuyer finds snakes coiled up inside walls of her new home

A mum made a shocking discovery after finding a slithery visitor in the walls of her new home.

Amber Hall, 42, recently purchased a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Centennial, Colorado, US, and was looking forward to moving in with her family.

She craved a bigger house for their two children and two dogs and had saved up money to buy her first-ever home and excitedly moved into the home.

However, one of her dogs soon uncovered a terrifying visitor in the home – a huge snake.

Amber told Denver 7: “I was trying to unpack, and my dog crouched down and he started walking over here really slow.

Ten huge snakes were found in the new home(Amber Hall via Denver7)
Amber pressed her hand against the wall and knew something was wrong(KMGH)

“I came over to see what he was looking at, thinking it was like a spider or something, and there were two little holes right here and I saw snakes slither up the wall. So, I panicked.”

The “shockingly big” snakes had been coiled up in a crevice in the wall, which led Amber to believe there could be more hiding.

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