A PRO interior designer has revealed the one plant that has the ability to elevate any home.

Loren Kreiss, from Los Angeles, US, has his own interior design company and has worked with the likes of Matthew McConaughey, DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Magic Johnson.

Loren Kreiss has revealed the "most underrated plant"


Loren Kreiss has revealed the “most underrated plant”Credit: Tiktok / @lorenkreiss
He said the Bougainvillea can turn any garden into a masterpiece as-fab-interior-designer-plant-op


He said the Bougainvillea can turn any garden into a masterpiece as-fab-interior-designer-plant-opCredit: Getty – Contributor
Loren showed off the plant at his own home


Loren showed off the plant at his own homeCredit: Tiktok / @lorenkreiss

So it’s safe to say that he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to ensuring a home is aesthetically pleasing. 

Not one to gatekeep, the home decor whizz often uses his social media account to share his top tips and tricks with the masses.

And in one such clip, he shared: “You wanna know the most underrated plant? It’s Bougainvillea.”

The 42-year-old explained that it’s a vine that grows like a “majestic weed” and often likes a warm climate – but is also very robust. 

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“It’s incredibly versatile and will add an intense pop of colour to your yard,” he went on. “Plus it’s extremely hardy and mostly evergreen. 

“I’ve used Bougainvillea for hedges, archways, vines and trees.” 

He went on to share that he’s even used the plant to “transform, unsightly chain-link fences into gorgeous living walls”. 

TikTok user @lorenkreiss added: “My house isn’t a home until my Bougainvillea start blooming.” 

People were quick to comment on Loren’s post as one person wrote: “Bougainvillea is the master key to national beautification very few countries take advantage of,” followed by a thumbs up emoji.

Another said: “I have a corner house and we might do a hedge of them across the entire front! Asking landscaper Thursday! Love them.”

While a third added: “my grandma loooooved her bougainvillea”.

But others couldn’t help but warm people of the one issue these plants cause as one person wrote: “I can’t recommend bougainvillea without warning about the razor sharp 2 inch thorns. 

“One of the most beautiful flowering plants though!

A second chimed: “My parents regret growing lots of bougainvillea in our garden. The thorns are really spiky and hard to trim.

“The flowers are beautiful tho.”

While a third added: “They’re beautiful, but their thorns are miserable!”

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