A GARDENING pro has shared his low maintenance method to ensure the neighbours can never have a peek at your property. 

Taking to social media, the man offered his insights to give you an option other than building a privacy fence, which could take a chunk out of your savings. 

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A pro gardener has shared a low maintenance way to create a privacy screenCredit: tiktok/@skgreenhouse
He said you should look into getting arborvitae


He said you should look into getting arborvitaeCredit: tiktok/@skgreenhouse
They grow tall and don't need pruning


They grow tall and don’t need pruningCredit: tiktok/@skgreenhouse

Dressed in a green T-shirt with a pair of cargo shorts and a bucket hat on, he stood next to several trees before explaining what they are. 

“This one is Emerald Green [Arborvitae],” he said, bringing it forward. “Now, what I love about Emerald Green is that it stays nice and tidy.

“This has not been pruned, but it’ll get about 8,10, maybe even 12 feet tall but only 4 feet wide. 

“So if you’re trying to block out the neighbours, you need some height, but you don’t want it to get real wide like the Green Giant or the Leland Cypress.” 

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He said that the Emerald Green is perfect because it grows more vertically than horizontally, which makes a “good privacy screen”. 

The man then moved onto his “favourite arborvitae”, which was the Forever Goldy Arborvitae. 

“It’s year-round gold in foliage and in the fall time it’s going to turn more of a burnt orange colour,” he explained. 

“And it never loses its leaves.”

He shared that this arborvitae doesn’t need much pruning and only grows between 5 to 6 feet tall. 

It also looks good with everything, according to TikTok user @skgreenhouse.  

In the caption, he added: “Looking for a low maintenance privacy screen tree that doesn’t get too large?”

And people were quick to comment as one person wrote: “Loving these videos! Having to landscape our back yard. We are on a steep hill on a lake and faces west. Lots of sun!”

Another shared: “Nice and tidy arborvitae…has a nice ring to it, haha”.

While a third pointed out: “They get higher than 12 feet,” to which he replied: “Yep, technically conifers never stop growing.

“My estimations are in that 10-15 year window.” 

He said the Forever Goldy Arborvitae is his favourite and looks good with everything


He said the Forever Goldy Arborvitae is his favourite and looks good with everythingCredit: tiktok/@skgreenhouse

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