Stripes painted on a wall have the ability to create an optical illusion that you can use to your advantage to make a ceiling look higher or a narrow room wider.

Home decorators don’t make as much use as they should of stripes painted on a wall. Even subtle stripes on a wall fool the eye without overpowering a room, so why not take advantage of this in certain rooms in the home such as a small bathroom or guest toilet, a cramped bedroom or nursery, or even a long, narrow room or passage that feels claustrophobic.

Stripes in a bathroom

Bathrooms are one room in the home that could definitely do with a striped wall or two. Horizontal stripes, even on a single wall, will give a compact bathroom the feeling of more space and vertical stripes lift up a low ceiling to make a bathroom feel more expansive than it really is. It’s the simple optical illusion that stripes provide that confuses the eye into thinking things that are not really true, but they do work and work well.

Stripes in a bedroom or nursery

In most homes, the arrival of a new addition means transforming a second or third bedroom into a nursery and these bedrooms are generally smaller in size. Painting stripes on a single wall, or installing striped wallpaper, lets you make the room feel larger in an easy way and also use colours that you have set your mind on for decorating the room.

A striped wall in a nursery or children’s bedroom is a fun way to introduce colour and a playful touch without it being overdone. Plus, you can choose a single colour or more to brighten up a room and still create the illusion of more space. Thin stripes, thick stripes, pinstripes, and more, you have the freedom to choose what would work best.

Painted stripes or wallpaper allow you to bring an interesting design or feature wall in an otherwise bland bedroom. When done at the head of the bed it becomes the perfect canvas for the bed to take centre-stage.

Stripes in living and dining rooms

Stripes look good on any wall – in any room. If you are going to the effort of painting stripes on the wall make sure that you do a good job. Don’t rush the preparation to mark the stripes on the wall, make sure that the painter’s tape is stuck down along the edges, and apply light, even coats of paint with a foam paint roller. 

More than just painted stripes!

If you don’t want to go to the effort of painting or the expense of wallpaper, there are many other ways to introduce stripes into the room.

Disguise a small or awkward-shaped window with striped curtains. Vertical stripes make the window – and ceiling – appear longer and higher while horizontal stripes will make a narrow window look wider.

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