Product Description:

Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system are especially suitable for leafy vegetables, various lettuce.

1.Easy assembled , convenient and time-saving.

2.Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics

3.Meet many type of growing media, including Expanded clay pellets, Perlite, and coconut coir.

4.All the growing conditions can be controlled with hydroponics system

5.Stable and high productivity with NFT gully

6.Plants grow healthier and easy to harvest

Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system 100*50mm nft channel advantages: 

  • Depth is 55mm to allow roots to touch more oxygen.
  • Save water and fertilizer 80%.
  • Water will flow in centre part (30mm width) only, this will save much water & fertilizer, even when the plant is small, it won’t die cause lack of water. 
  • Bear 80kgs weight with no deformation.
  •  Anti-UV, environmentally friendly material, heavy metal free
  • Life time is more than 10 years
  • Suitable for leaf vegetable, various kinds of lettuce
  • The channel cover is removable, you can easily open it and clean the channel.
  • Suitable for all leafy vegetable hydroponic growing such as lettuce ,kale ,basil ,tomato and so on.
  • The channel wall thickness- 2 mm.

Specification of Manufacturer NFT channel for hydroponics system

Item Name Hydroponic NFT Channel 
Size 100*50mm
Material safe Virgin PVC
Thickness 2.0mm / 1.8mm
Length 2.9M 3.0M or 5.8M or Customized
Application Agriculture Planting
Sample Available
Shipping Way Express ,by Sea ,By Air

Product Details with different nft channel system design:
Type 1: Vertica “A” Type Hydroponic System:
Popular design in NFT system with easy installation.

1.Make better use of the space to increase yield of vegetables.

2. Design the direction of the metal rack according to direction and sunshine.
3. A type is suitable for small and medium size greenhouse.
4. Also suitable for indoor planting, only using LED grow light.

Type2:Horizontal Type NFT Channel System
Most commonly design in NFT system. 1.Sufficient sunlight, better air circulation.
2. No directional restrictions for the metal rack, easy installation.
3.Low labour cost, easy to manage planting and picking.
4. Especially suitable for hydroponics planting in large scale.

Type3: Indoor Farming Vertical NFT Channel System with LED grow light 

Type 4: Intensive removed nft channel system :

More NFT Channel Project Shows : 

NFT Channel Hydroponic Advantages of the Slop bottom design with openable cover lid:

1. Improve the roots growing environment.

2. Promote the roots to grow fast.

3. Reduce the pump load.

4. save water and fertillizer 80%.

5. easy to clean up.

Accessories with channel end cap and channle joint :

Factory show:


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