Whether gardeners are planting their first-ever seeds or have a lot of knowledge when it comes to gardening, seeing hard work go to waste when outdoor plants die is not fun. 

Instead, gardeners need to make their life easier by picking those that are happy with a more hands-off approach. 

More challenging varieties can always be added to the garden later as gardeners become more confident.

Gene Caballero, co-founder at GreenPal, has shared several of his “favourite” plants that are “easy to grow” in gardens.

He said: “As the co-founder of GreenPal and someone with decades of experience in landscaping, I’ve got a soft spot for garden plants that are both easy to grow and aesthetically pleasing.”

1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are great fun for all the family to grow, and yield impressive results with their show-stopping blooms.

The expert said: “These are a joy to grow. They’re hardy, thrive in full sun, and their seeds germinate quickly. 

“Plus, their towering height and large, bright yellow blooms make a spectacular display.”

Although the classic golden-hued varieties are well-loved, there are alternative colours on offer, ranging from deep orange to very pale.

2. Marigolds

Marigolds are “practically foolproof”, according to Gene. They love the sun, aren’t picky about soil, and they add a “brilliant pop of colour” to any outdoor space.

The expert said: “Their distinctive orange and yellow flowers are a vibrant addition to any garden.”

They are equally at home in a container, a flower bed, or even in a vegetable garden. All they need is a sunny spot to grow, making them the perfect plant for beginners.

3. Zinnias

For those after a “low-maintenance flower” that still delivers a “stunning visual”, then “zinnias are for you”, said Gene. 

They come in a wide variety of colours and they’re highly resistant to pests and disease. Plus, “they bloom prolifically”.

Zinnias are perfect for filling gaps in the border and also work well in container displays.

4. Tomatoes

For those looking for something edible, tomatoes are the way to go. The expert said: “Simply give them a sunny spot, regular water, and watch them flourish. Their ripe, red fruit is a joy to behold (and to eat).”

The easiest variety of tomatoes to grow is cherry tomatoes. Known for being hardy, if kept watered, gardeners should have cherry tomatoes within 50 to 60 days of planting. 

5. Basil

This aromatic herb is “straightforward to grow” and has “beautiful delicate green leaves”. It’s a dual-purpose plant that not only “looks good” but also serves as a delicious addition to many meals.

7. Hostas

For those shadier spots, hostas are “ideal”. They have lush, leafy foliage and “they produce lovely, subtle flowers”. 

Gene said: “They’re remarkably resilient and can turn a difficult garden corner into an attractive feature.”

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