Knowing when to plant pumpkins is important as they have a long growing season. You need to prepare well ahead for the fall arrival of plump, orange pumpkins, ready to carve for Jack O’Lanterns, or varieties to roast for pies, add to stews and soups and many other culinary uses. 

Pumpkins are a member of the gourd family, Cucurbitacae, and are actually considered a berry. Cucurbita pepo is the type of pumpkin used to make the jack-o-lanterns seen on Halloween, but there are many different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors.

Once you know how to grow pumpkins you can try many different varieties that you won’t generally be able to find at the grocery store.

Basket of assorted pumpkins and squashes

(Image credit: Clare Gainey / Alamy Stock Photo)

When to plant pumpkins 

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