A shocking video has emerged showing a couple verbally abusing a widowed neighbour over her doing home-improvement on the weekend.

The woman from Orange County, who is believed to be in her 40s, had been carrying out home improvement work at the weekend as she is unable to do it during the week due to her work commitments.

However, her neighbours took massive issue with this and launched into a tirade against her. This was not only in spite of the loss of her husband to cancer, but even saying that she was ‘alone for a reason’.

The video, which was posted by the woman’s daughter Haeley Tran and has since been deleted, saw how the pair took issue with the woman as the home improvements were noisy.

In it, the two neighbours can be seen to approach her mom and to call her ‘the most anal person I’ve ever met’.

Tran’s mom tries to explain that she can only carry out the work on the weekends, but the couple respond angrily, with one saying: “Take your mask off so we can see you. You’re hiding because you’re f**king ashamed and embarrassed.

“The way you’re acting is so immature for an old a** woman, to act like that is embarrassing.”

The couple started verbally abusing Haeley's mom over her <a href=renovation work. Credit: TikTok/@haeleytran” loading=”lazy”/>
The couple started verbally abusing Haeley’s mom over her renovation work. Credit: TikTok/@haeleytran

Despite the abuse, Tran’s mom called the demands that she stop her renovation work ‘completely unreasonable’.

However, this only served to anger the two people further.

Eventually, Tran’s mom revealed that she had to carry out the work herself as she had lost her husband to cancer recently.

The couple’s shocking response was: “Karma’s a b**ch. I feel sorry for you. You’re alone for a reason.”

Tran later posted a follow up video, explaining that her mother is the ‘most beautiful person inside and out’, adding that the ‘DIY projects are not going to stop.’

The woman's daughter Haeley posted the now deleted video to TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@haeleytran
The woman’s daughter Haeley posted the now deleted video to TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@haeleytran

Her mom has been carrying out masses of home improvements in the house, including both inside and in the garden. Later videos show the stunning work she has managed to do on her home, and all with her own two hands. Honestly, some people just make it look so easy.

Tran has since posted videos showing a tour of the renovations, including a bedroom, bathroom, a fireplace, and a tour of the garden.

It seems like it will take a lot more than some very unpleasant neighbours to put her off making her home how she wants it to be.

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