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Derived from the French “Fourniture”, furniture means equipment. But not just any equipment, furniture refers more to equipment related to permanence and is made of wood.

Fontana, CA–(Newsfile Corp. – May 5, 2023) – Derived from the French “Fourniture”, furniture means equipment. But not just any equipment, furniture refers more to equipment related to permanence and is made of wood. Based on its “permanence”, furniture is not familiar to nomadic peoples. But since most of the people in the world are not nomads, every one of them certainly has furniture. There are various kinds of furniture with various prices and qualities and it seems that buying quality furniture products from well-known platforms has become a way of life. This article was written as one of costway reviews .

This article specifically discusses costway rattan furniture , one of the best-selling types of furniture produced by Costway on the market. But what is Costway? Costway is the name of a household product brand as well as an e-commerce platform for selling them. Many segments of household needs are sold through this platform, including furniture, kitchen, outdoor, bath, to needs for pets.

Every Costway product is released under the name of Costway itself, thus Costway is able to maintain quality according to its strict standards, intending to maintain consumer satisfaction. That is balanced with regular product updates and with frequently discounted prices, and customer satisfaction seems to be a priority for Costway. Costway is known for its products that are affordable in terms of price and some of them are quite unique so for those of you who want exclusivity, this brand provides a good option.

What does Costway sell mostly?

It can be said that the best-selling products from Costway are products (furniture) made from rattan, treadmills, kid toys, bouncy castles, and ride-on toys. So far Costway has at least 6000 SKUs on sale.

Now we go straight to Costway Rattan Furniture

This is a set of 4 pieces of rattan furniture consisting of 2 single seats, 1 loveseat, and 1 glass coffee table. This is a very strong 4 pieces of furniture due to its steel frame covered with a hand-woven rattan finish. As is well known rattan is relatively resistant to weather changes so this set is suitable to be placed outdoors such as poolside, in the middle of a garden, or on a terrace/balcony. You definitely want to spend your leisure time in the morning or evening on this sofa. A glass of coffee and some snacks will be your lovely companion!

Each seat is covered with soft padding that has a zipper. So you can easily remove the cover and wash it. The construction of each seat is carefully designed, adjusting with great precision the shape of the back curvature of a normal adult human. There are 6 color choices provided; Navy Blue, Red, Black, Grey, Turquoise, and Beige. You can choose the color that best suits you.

The dimensions of the parts of this set are neither too big nor too small. The single seat is 23″ x 22.5″ x 32.5″, the loveseat is 41″ x 23.5″ x 32.5″, and the glass coffee table is 27.5″ x 16″. As for the lifting capacity, the single seat has a lifting capacity of 355 lbs, the loveseat has 710 lbs, and the glass coffee table has 110 lbs. Unless you weigh over 150 kg (which seems impossible), you don’t need to worry about damaging this rattan furniture set.

For all the convenience it provides, this rattan furniture set is sold at a very affordable price for most people. You only need to pay $219. The original price was $273 and was given a 20% discount.

Why can you rely on the Costway brand?

Costway is very serious about its brand. It focuses on customer satisfaction rather than just selling cheap furniture. Costway also provides what it calls Costway+ Care, a Costway program for a comprehensive shopping experience.

This brand is also famous for its product delivery which is very fast, faster than the “average of similar brands”. This is possible because Costway has an excellent distribution chain in many states of the United States, also supported by other popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Most shipping is free and there is a guaranteed return within the first 30 days (counting from the date of purchase). However, keep in mind that product returns must include the original packaging, and can only be done if there is a product defect or damage during shipping (not caused by the consumer). If all that wasn’t enough, every purchase comes with privacy protection.

In the end, furniture is an important part of a household, and buying online is the most practical way. When it comes time to buy, buying from a proper e-commerce platform like Costway is our way to minimize risk and maximize return for every dollar we spend.

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